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Jamie Krakofsky

Realtor & Team Lead

Life is too short to not be pursuing what you love, building relationships and making the lives of others better. Having served overseas while in the Army, I saw a lot of pain and sadness. And I realize that our war-torn world starts healing when people at the individual level are cared for and in-turn care for others.

That’s why every day I get to help another couple buy their first home, or help a single-mom sell quickly to capitalize on equity, or negotiate a kick-ass deal for a dream-home purchase, I’m incredibly grateful that this is how I “retired”. It’s true that my retirement involves more hours than I’ve ever spent on a job, but I love every minute of it.

I’ve lived in Colorado with my family of 6 for 20+ years. My military experience gives me the knowledge to expertly serve those going through a PCS needing quick and affordable housing. 

I bring my bull-dog tenacity to negotiating deals and handle each client process with the organization and order I learned from years in the military. 

While my strong personality and fine-tuned organization are a big part of my success, my greatest enjoyment in my career is by far the people I get to serve. My clients are not just a transaction to me. They’re friends. 

Your real estate will never be in better hands. And I’d like to think, neither will you.


Real estate agents, Jill and Carl Yuen

Erica Anderson


As a Colorado native, I appreciate the unique beauty, culture, and community of the centennial state. My knowledge and admiration for this state are deep-seated. I love that I get to raise my twin boys here.

Prior to entering real estate, I taught elementary school. My experience in education has transferred seamlessly to real estate. I have the ability to explicitly explain and clarify the various components of the real estate process. Thus guiding clients to make educated decisions to support their unique vision.

I have utilized my natural knack for networking to build relationships within the community. Connecting with local businesses and knowing who I can refer my clients to for the same standard of service is of utmost importance. I value connecting with like-minded individuals and
supporting our community.

Serving my clients’ wants and needs is my priority. By cultivating relationships, consistent communication, and individualized strategies for the process; I strive to make each real estate experience the best possible. After all, the people I serve are more than just clients. They are friends. I look forward to getting to know you and learning how I can best help you achieve your vision.

Renee Newland Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs

Jane Cantillo


I am thrilled to introduce myself, Jane Cantillo, a determined and passionate real estate agent ready to make my mark after spending 12 years as a devoted stay-at-home mom. Armed with a wealth of life experience and a drive to excel, I am eager to embark on this exciting journey and help you navigate the dynamic world of real estate.

I am a bilingual Spanish speaker, born to Cuban/Venezuelan parents, raised in Miami, Florida, and experienced living in Santa Cruz, California. With a deep understanding of both the vibrant Miami market and the unique charm of Santa Cruz, I bring a wealth of knowledge to guide clients through their real estate journeys. Whether it’s finding the perfect home or making strategic investment decisions, I am dedicated to providing exceptional service while bridging cultural and linguistic gaps.

My journey as a stay-at-home mom has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the value of a home and the importance of finding the perfect space for your family’s needs. Now, I am eager to channel that passion into helping others discover their dream homes, investment properties, or lucrative opportunities.

With an unwavering commitment to exceptional service and a keen eye for detail, I will guide you through every step of the real estate process, ensuring your needs and preferences are met with precision. I understand the significance of open communication and active listening, and I am dedicated to tailoring my approach to fit your unique goals.

As I step into this new chapter of my life, I bring with me the determination to provide unparalleled support and guidance, coupled with a fresh perspective and a hunger to succeed. With my personal touch and commitment to staying informed about the latest market trends, you can trust that I will help you make informed decisions that yield outstanding results.

If you’re ready to embark on an exciting real estate journey with a devoted professional who understands the joys and challenges of finding the perfect home, then let’s connect. Together, we’ll make your real estate dreams a reality as we break new ground in this ever-evolving industry.

Renee Newland Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs

Katelyn Daggers


I have a passion for helping others. Real Estate is an important investment. Helping you find, negotiate, and navigate the world of home ownership is my pleasure.

My family is incredibly important to me. I have three wonderful kids– two girls and a boy. My husband has a rewarding career as a financial advisor. We enjoy being active members of our community and spending time in the great Colorado outdoors!
I have an AAS in Business Interdisciplinary with a Focus in Accounting from Red Rocks Community College and a BBS in Business Management from the University of Colorado Denver. I have valued continued learning throughout my career. It has always been important to me to focus on continued growth.
I began my real estate career in the administrative side of the business. I have seen how real estate works at all levels– good and bad. It has allowed me to help other agents run their business and lay a solid foundation for my business. I understand the ins and outs of real estate at a high level thanks to this experience. It has been with great pleasure that I was able to transfer this experience to create an incredible client experience.  
Renee Newland Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs

Brittany Kimball


I thrive on being a source of support and care for those around me. My satisfaction comes not just from assisting you, but also from serving as a valuable resource throughout every stage of your real estate journey. I’m Brittany—your real estate guide, and my story begins in the classrooms of Pueblo.

As a former elementary school teacher in Pueblo and Colorado Springs, my passion for education shapes how I approach real estate. I bring a unique perspective to finding homes by combining the patience and understanding cultivated in teaching with the knowledge of today’s market. I ensure that your unique requirements are met with the utmost care and attention throughout the entire journey of buying or selling your home.

Throughout one of the most significant decisions in your life, I’ll be by your side, providing education, empowerment, and guidance to help you successfully attain your goals. I pride myself on my strong communication skills, my ability to build and foster relationships, and being thorough and consistent, all of which seamlessly contribute to navigating the intricacies of real estate. 

As a Colorado native, and now having established roots in Colorado Springs with my husband and three children- a daughter and twin sons, I love being able to call this beautiful state our home. So, whether you are ready to buy, sell, or invest, I’m committed to providing you with personalized guidance and support every step of the way. I am here for you!

Let’s discover your perfect space today!

Renee Newland Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs

Jade Donbeck


Originally from the Pittsburgh Tri-State area, I made the move to Colorado in 2020 and haven’t looked back since. In my free time, I am an avid volunteer, dedicated to giving back to the community in any way I can. With being able to do this, this allows me to build great relationships.

With a background in home renovation, I bring a unique perspective to the real estate market, ensuring that clients can see the full potential in every property.

I am committed to providing professional and personalized service to each of my clients, guiding them through every step of the real estate process. I am someone who takes pride in using my expertise to help clients find their dream homes here in Colorado. With my passion for real estate and dedication to client satisfaction, I am ready to help you find the perfect place to call home!

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