My wife and I were fortunate enough to have Jamie as our agent when looking to purchase a home. He was our first point of contact because even though we had purchased a home before it had been a decade and we were not clear on how things worked. He set us up with finance people who got us a  pre-approval extremely quickly. We began looking at homes and in less than a week we had put an offer in on a home just outside the neighborhood we wanted to be in but it was exactly the size and price range we were looking for. However, Jamie new it was not in the ideal location we were looking for so when the seller attempted to hold off on accepting our offer, which was asking price, Jamie gave him less than 24 hours to respond he said there's nothing wrong with the offer take it or don't. I was extremely impressed with his tenacity. He then called us the next day and told us he had a house that was getting ready to be put on the market so it hadn't even been posted yet and that the seller was anxious to sell. It had every upgrade we would have done in the previous house and was only slightly more expensive. it was also EXACTLY in the neighborhood we wanted to be in! Thanks to Jamie the sale went off without a hitch and I was blown away by the turnaround time. Our closing could have been less than a month from when I initially contacted Jamie if not for the fact that I was going to be on vacation I had to postpone the closing. Even at that it was still less than a month from the time we saw the house till the time we moved in and less than 2 months including squaring away the financing and everything else. How could I possibly ever recommend anyone but Jamie for any of your realtor needs?! This is the man that will get it done for you and if the market is anything like it was when I bought he will do it in record time!
Krakofsky Team Realty