How to Avoid Poor Quality of New Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs


Buying a new home for sale in Colorado Springs certainly comes with its advantages. The allure for many comes from the promise of a stress-free home, without any issues or concerns.


However, this simply is not true. No matter the builder, no home is perfect. But when looking for new homes for sale in Colorado Springs, there are things you can consider before purchasing to ensure you are purchasing as few issues as possible.


Consider these 6 things when purchasing a new home in Colorado Springs:

  1. Reputation is king. We feel this goes without saying, but we’ve seen all too many homebuyers enticed by lower prices. As with anything, you get what you pay for – even new homes for sale. That’s why it’s important to weigh the reputation of the builder against the cost savings you may be seeking. If reviews and testimonials are full of complaints and problems, chances are the money you save initially will only result in more frustration and expenses down the road.


  2. Working electrical doesn’t mean good electrical work. An unfortunate trend among shoddier companies can be to outfit the house with as little electrical wiring as possible. This means there may be only 1-2 electrical outlets per room and at times even no overhead light. Thankfully, building codes require more than this, so most new home builds will have the proper amount. But it’s still worth taking note of the state of the electrical when you see the home, as these issues still do arise.


  3. Flooring installation needs close inspection. Just because you may be touring your favorite Colorado Springs new home for sale thus far, it doesn’t mean you should overlook the craftsmanship throughout the home. A nice wood floor can be ruined in months if the installation was done poorly, leaving cracks and spaces. This can result in buckling and warping down the road…and consequently, a costly repair.


  4. No insulation in the garage can affect indoor temperature efficiency. Generally, it’s not required that exterior walls (those not adjacent to the house) be insulated in a garage; however, this can often lead to heating and cooling frustrations for rooms above or adjacent to the garage. Ask about the insulation on the outer walls of the garage. If purchasing the home before completion, this may be a worthy addition to the build. Insulation is fairly inexpensive to add before the drywall has been put up.


  5. Beware of a builder that pushes no buyer’s agent. It may be tempting to avoid a buyer’s agent in a home purchase, as a builder may flash enticing discounts if so. But these companies should generally be avoided, or at the very least, their offer ignored. Without a buyer’s agent, you have no one looking out for your best interest.


  6. Don’t ignore the details. Purpose to give each new home you tour a thorough inspection of your own. Try to look past the flashy amenities and look at the supporting details. Poor craftsmanship often shows itself in the fringes (the corners and cracks). For instance, sometimes builders will leave whole rooms without baseboards, which may not be all that noticeable when first touring. But paying for this installation down the road will surely be frustrating. A good buyer’s agent will be key for helping you tour these new homes in Colorado Springs with a discerning eye. Because of the volume of homes they view, they have learned to look past the bling and look at the bones of the home. 

If you are looking for an agent that will help you find a quality new home for sale in Colorado Springs, Krakofsky Team Realty is here to help you with all of your home searching needs. Contact us today!


Jamie Krakofsky

Jamie Krakofsky

As retired military, Jamie thoroughly enjoys helping others buy and sell their homes. He and his wife, Bianca, raised their 3 kids in Colorado and they plan to stay here, serving the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas until he truly retires (which may never happen). When not laughing with his clients and negotiating killer deals, Jamie spends all his free time with his family – hiking, camping, boating and traveling.

Jamie is a certified MRP (Military Relocation Professional) and was just recently awarded the Chairman’s Award by Re/MAX, which names his team in the top 1% of Real Estate agents in the world.

What Jamie loves most is helping his clients have a successful and truly enjoyable real estate experience.

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