Four Tips on How to Stage a House for the Holidays


Tip #1: Declutter 

This is a great first step when you’re figuring out how to stage a house. Go through your entire house and remove anything that you do not need between now and the big move. If your coffee table has magazines, trinkets and chip bag clips on it, your decorative reindeer probably will not do much for the feel of the home. 


Buyers need to be able to see themselves and their own personal tastes fitting into space, and this can be hindered by the presence of too many personal items, family photos, and blankets repping your favorite sports team. 


Attempt to make each room look like it could belong in a design catalog – clean and crisp as if no one actually lives there. Only once all clutter is removed will your house be ready for holiday decor.


Tip #2: Less is More

People really do appreciate a homey holiday feel, but not everyone feels warm and fuzzy about an inflatable Santa Claus and red sparkly garland. Try and decorate as neutral as possible, while tastefully matching the color scheme of your house. 


A bowl of pinecones, some green garland or a wreath with a touch of holly can go a long way. Let a pot of cinnamon sticks, cloves, and nutmeg simmer on your stove to fill the atmosphere with the aroma of the season. 


If your house is painted in earthy tones, compliment them with accents of cranberries, evergreen, and gold. If your house is painted light pastel colors, choose to accent with white snowflakes and silver bulbs. Decorate just enough for the buyer to sense a holiday spirit, but not so much that it detracts from the main spotlight – your home.


Tip #3: To Tree or Not to Tree

Most advice you will find on how to stage a house suggests leaving as much floor space open as possible. More floor space helps the house look more spacious and clean. However, if you must have one (because who wants the holidays without a tree), opt for a skinnier tree, especially if your house is smaller. 

And remember to keep those personalized homemade ornaments boxed away. Decorate your tree with a more classic, uniform look such as white lights and silver bulbs or red and gold glass bulbs. 


Tip #4: Light it Up

Don’t go for candle-light only for your house showing; one of the first things buyers often comment on is the lighting of a house. Be sure to turn on all regular overhead lights and lamps, and use this opportunity to accentuate unique spots of your house with simple strings of white lights. 


If you have a nice mantel, exposed stair railing, or cozy reading nook, string up some holiday cheer to draw the eye to those areas of interest.


Helping you Figure Out How to Stage your House and Other Selling Tips

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Jamie Krakofsky

Jamie Krakofsky

As retired military, Jamie thoroughly enjoys helping others buy and sell their homes. He and his wife, Bianca, raised their 3 kids in Colorado and they plan to stay here, serving the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas until he truly retires (which may never happen). When not laughing with his clients and negotiating killer deals, Jamie spends all his free time with his family – hiking, camping, boating and traveling.

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