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How to Sell a House During the Holidays: Own the Market

Don’t let the inclement weather, busy schedules, and hustle and bustle of the Holidays get in the way! While all of those things are often seen as disadvantages to selling during December, they could actually be used to your advantage if you plan accordingly and appeal to the people who need a new home for the holidays.

Invest in Professional Photography/Videography

While the market for buying houses during the holidays is usually smaller, the prospective buyers are usually more serious and often on a deadline. Perhaps a new job is beginning with the new year or the new property acquisition will help with this year’s taxes.

Often, due to cold weather and packed holiday schedules, the search for houses begins online. So your first step in learning how to sell a house well begins with standing out above the rest of the listings with professional photos and high-quality full-house videos. This ensures that your house will make the final cut of houses that buyers actually take the time to visit.

You may also want to include photos of your house from the spring or summertime to give shoppers a feel for what your house looks like all year round.

Light up the Night!

With wintertime also comes fewer sunlight hours. Make your house attractive at night time with well-placed spotlights and holiday decorations.

While this may not be the time for tacky tinsel, multi-colored bulbs, and your eight-foot inflatable Santa; warm white lights, some natural-looking greenery, and electric candles in the windows can go a long way. And don’t forget the soft spotlight on your for sale sign in the front yard!

Boost your Curb Appeal

Bare trees and gray skies aren’t usually the most flattering backdrops and landscaping for selling your house and can easily expose blemishes on even the prettiest of homes. So you may want to consider spending a little more time on touch-ups.
Clean out and repair all of the gutters, shovel and de-ice your sidewalks and clean all of your windows inside and out. Even adding a new coat of paint can go a long way to make your house look like the best on the block.

Throw a “Home for the Holidays” Party

When you do pick a date for your open house, consider a weeknight instead of a weekend. Most holiday parties and family trips will happen on the weekends.

Go ahead and roll with the theme of the holidays! Put on a pot of boiling spices, serve holiday treats, heat up the house with the fireplace, and put your prospective buyers in a mindset of excitement to buy a new home for the holidays.

How to Sell My House with an Agent

Hire the Right Agent
Find someone to help you who won’t disappear for the holidays. Reach out to our trustworthy, award-winning team here at Krakofsky Team Realty.

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Jamie Krakofsky

Jamie Krakofsky

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