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Going. Going. Gone! Houses for Sale in Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs is currently ranked as one of the top destinations to live in the entire country. This means that houses for sale in Colorado Springs flash in and out of the housing market right before your eyes. Preparing for a home purchase in the Springs takes a good amount of work up front. But this up-front work is important, because when the right house comes along, you must be ready to act quickly. Here are some tips we have to get you started.

4 Tips to Get Your Dream Home for Sale in Colorado Springs


1. Get your Financing in Order Ahead of Time

Getting pre-approved by your bank of choice for a mortgage loan will put you leaps and bounds above competition who do not already have this done. A seller wants everything to go as smoothly as possible, and nothing is more annoying than thinking you have your home sold, only to find out that your buyer was denied the loan. 

Having a letter of pre-approval to show is even better. In fact, many realtors require this before they will begin the showing process with you. This will also allow you to know your maximum spend, based on the amount that your bank has given you within your pre-approval letter. 

It’s important to note that in a market as hot as this one, you may need to pay more than the asking price. Keep that in mind when searching for your home. Consider setting your “maximum” search 10-15k below your pre-approval amount. This will give you leverage for negotiating the deal when multiple offers have come in. 

Another attractive aspect you can add for the seller is a substantial earnest money offer. This communicates you mean business and that you’re not as likely to flake out on the deal. Showing a seller that you are stable financially will help them, and their real estate agents, feel much better about your ability to purchase the house in a timely and efficient manner. 


2. Hire the Right Agent

This is perhaps the most important aspect of your home-buying process. 

Timing is everything in this business. You want a real estate agent that is quick and responsive, willing to look at things from a different angle and one who communicates well to all parties. 

If you are moving from out of town, this is especially important. Working with a well-known reputable agent can go a long way for your case with the seller’s agent. A local realtor will know the areas that fit your desired preferences and unique needs. 

And by all means, make sure your Realtor treats this as a business, not a side-job. Real estate agents in small, non-transient communities can take their time without harming a deal. But with Colorado Springs houses for sale, you need someone that has a constant pulse on the market and can act immediately. 


3. Know Exactly What You Want

With that being said, it can really help eliminate wasted time if you know exactly what you want, as well as what you don’t want.

How do you picture your neighborhood? Sub-urban, inner-city, sprawling lots with a little acreage? Do you need to be close to the airport for work travel? Do you have children that you want in a good school system? Would you like to be close to outdoor recreation and trails, or would you prefer to be close to downtown? Is a front porch for sipping coffee a must? How many beds and baths do you need? How about a garage? Do you prefer one story, or multiple? Do you like grand room space for entertaining, or do you prefer the privacy of several individual cozy rooms? Do you need yard space? What is your ideal commute time to work or school? 

These are all things that will help your real estate agent filter the possibilities so the ones you’re viewing are a great fit. 


4. Be Aware of the Seller’s Needs

When you’re looking for houses for sale in Colorado Springs’ hot market, it’s tempting to only think of it from your perspective. But pay attention to the seller’s needs. It may be the ticket to your success. Try to think about those things that would eliminate stress and frustration from their lives through the process. 

For instance, a shed-full of junk? Include in your offer that you’ll take care of the junk removal for them. This may only cost you a few hundred dollars to hire a junk-removal company, but it could very well get you the house. Many times, seller’s have a mental block tied to a responsibility that they’re dreading about the selling and moving process.  

Or perhaps they need to close fast due to their own moving concerns. Convey to them your readiness to move as quickly as possible. If you need to get inspections for your loan, make an effort to contact your vendors and schedule those inspections and appraisals as soon as possible, keeping the seller informed on this short window of time needed for inspection. 

If it’s close to the end of the school year, and they would like to wait until their children finish school, communicate your ability to flex with their timeline (if you’re able). You may even consider finalizing the deal, with a rental agreement included in the contract for them to finish out the year. 

Don’t lose your dream home over small roadblocks. When it comes down to it, it’s the buyer who is able to give the seller everything they need with as few terms and conditions as possible – not just the highest offer – that will win. 


Let the Experts Help with Houses for Sale in Colorado Springs

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Jamie Krakofsky

Jamie Krakofsky

As retired military, Jamie thoroughly enjoys helping others buy and sell their homes. He and his wife, Bianca, raised their 3 kids in Colorado and they plan to stay here, serving the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas until he truly retires (which may never happen). When not laughing with his clients and negotiating killer deals, Jamie spends all his free time with his family – hiking, camping, boating and traveling.

Jamie is a certified MRP (Military Relocation Professional) and was just recently awarded the Chairman’s Award by Re/MAX, which names his team in the top 1% of Real Estate agents in the world.

What Jamie loves most is helping his clients have a successful and truly enjoyable real estate experience.

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