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Rare Houses for Sale in Colorado Springs, CO

In the opinions of many, The Old North End of Colorado Springs is one of the most charming neighborhoods in all of Colorado. This community, developed in the late 19th century, lies just to the north of Downtown Colorado Springs. The handsome homes with large front porches, towering ceilings, bay windows, and original ironwork, cannot help but stand out from the majority of other houses for sale in Colorado Springs, CO. So what happened in this historic area to make it stand out in such a unique way from the rest of the city’s development? 


The Cripple Creek Gold Rush

The Cripple Creek Gold Rush of the 1890s was one of the most profitable and booming mineral strikes in all of Colorado history. Colorado Springs was the nearest major city to the Cripple Creek gold fields, and therefore became the hub of all the activity of the prosperity seekers. The population of Colorado Springs tripled from 1890 to 1900, right as the area north of downtown was ready to be developed. Many mine suppliers, stock brokers and other wealthy individuals began constructing expensive middle-class homes for their families in the area now referred to as “The Old North End”.


Victorian Architecture

Extremely spacious and intricately decorated homes were all the rage with the new money of the gold rush upper-class. Architectural staples of these grand houses are ornate wooden verandas, two or three stories, circular wooden cupolas, finely detailed woodwork around the windows and doors, ornate cut glass and beveled glass windows, and unique ironwork. Iron castings were another great fascination of the late nineteenth century upper-class. Many of the houses feature iron fountains, chandeliers, boot scrapers, bridle posts, benches, urns, statues, railings and fences. A truly impressive Victorian style home was not complete without a decorative finial atop the highest point of the house to accentuate its tall stature towering above the rest. It is quite impressive that most of these fabulous homes were constructed in a fairly short time period, as the Cripple Creek Gold Rush had finished by 1920. However, this was not the end for Old North End development.


A High Altitude Health Retreat

After having been discovered by the gold rushers, the dry climate and high altitude of Colorado Springs became an ideal center for recovering tuberculosis patients. Glockner Sanatorium (eventually Penrose hospital) was constructed as a treatment facility for lung ailments in the Old North End. This made the North End a desirable neighborhood for doctors and hospital administrators. However, most of the homes that they built differed from the grand Victorian architecture that captivated the operators of the gold boom. 


A New Variety of Architecture

By the early twentieth century, many other forms of architecture began to appeal to those with the wealth to explore different varieties. The Arts and Crafts Movement inspired a rise in making your home unique, rather than trying to match others like the Victorian style. These houses are still large and elaborate in style, but with hints of craftsmanship from a variety of cultures. For this reason, the Old North End also boasts many beautiful Spanish and Mediterranean-style homes, ranch houses, western-style bungalows and more. Needless to say, the blocks around this neighborhood do not lack character!


Surrounded with Entertainment

Today, life in the Old North End is also surrounded with things to do. Monument Valley Park surrounds the entire west side of the neighborhood. This park has many biking and hiking trails, ball fields, playgrounds, and a creek to explore. If you enjoy history and culture, the Old Colorado City Historical Society’s History Center is not far off, and offers a place to view many photographs and artifacts, a historical reference library, book store, and also hosts many events, lectures, craft fairs and more. The community also hosts many annual neighborhood events such as a community-wide Easter Egg Hunt, Yard Sale Day, Garden Party, Bike Decorating. 

If you appreciate a home and neighborhood full of rich history to preserve for generations to come, and enjoy a close knit network of neighbors, houses for sale in Colorado Springs, CO’s Old North End might be the perfect fit. 

However, keep in mind that these Colorado Springs homes for sale don’t come around very often and their price matches their grandeur. Be patient when looking for a gem in this area. It’s also important to work with a real estate broker in Colorado Springs that is well connected throughout the community. When one of these houses is about to enter the market, you’ll want to know and be ready to act quickly. 



Looking for Beautiful Historic Houses for Sale in Colorado Springs, CO

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Jamie Krakofsky

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