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Does Your Colorado Springs Realtor Have These 4 Strengths? 


Having a trustworthy Colorado Springs Realtor that works proactively in your best interests can really make all the difference for your home buying or selling experience. But with the myriad of options out there…how do you narrow it down to the best? 


These four core competencies should be prevalent in any truly excellent real estate broker. You’ll notice that “people skills” isn’t on this list. While that’s an important factor to the real estate game, for us…that’s kind of a given. If you don’t have good people skills, you shouldn’t be in real estate. And yet, many that have good people skills, don’t make a good real estate agent. Primarily, because they lack experience or discipline in one of these four areas as outlined below.



1. Communication – Almost to the Brink of Annoyance


You’ve heard it before…communication is key. Perhaps the most important quality in a Realtor is the ability to communicate effectively and consistently with their clients. Poor communication is the number one reported agent frustration for both buyers and sellers. 


If the Realtor takes the time to consistently provide you with updates on progress, answer any questions you might have, give you recommendations, and provide clear expectations instead of keeping you in the dark or worse yet, offering false promises, then you know that they will be doing the same with the other agents involved in the deal (the other party’s buying or selling agent). This is crucial for the success of your deal. An agent with excellent communication skills will also actively call potential buyers/sellers if the situation warrants it. A good communicator on your side helps you stand out before you have even made your first move.


Poor communication from a Colorado Springs Realtor could mean that they are not giving your case an adequate amount of time or focus, or that they do not have your best interests in mind. 


Also remember that communication goes two ways! You want your Realtor to be an active talker and informant, but you also need them to be a good listener. They need to know and remember important information from you, such as your timeline, price points, reasons for moving, aversions, preferences and more. 


But how do you know if an agent will be a good communicator before you hire them? References. A great agent will be unafraid to provide you their last 20 clients as references for their capabilities. Do not be afraid to ask for past client information to contact them and ask questions about whether or not this Realtor will really meet your needs. If they do not provide references…take this as a red flag.



2. Familiarity – They Know the Area, and the Area Knows Them



This is extremely important for more reasons than one. The better that your Realtor in Colorado Springs knows the ins and outs of the neighborhoods in which you are looking to buy or sell, the more effectively they will be able to price your house right for the market and for you. Or the better they will know which areas to look to find the home of your dreams. 


But knowing the area is not just about the physical location, it is also about the people and the market. In fact, many seller’s agents say that they will weigh a buyer’s offer for less money with a reputable agent as equal to a higher offer with an unknown or disreputable agent. 


Why so? Because a real estate agent’s reputation always precedes them. Agents know which Realtors in Colorado Springs have a tendency to make deals difficult, slow or shady, and they’ll advise their clients to stay away. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of those recommendations. 


Also, the more people they know, the more possible buyer/seller connections they may have for you.


But how can you figure out the reputation of your real estate agent with other agencies or individuals around the town before you hire them? 


Ask around. Sift through online reviews. You can even pose questions in local Facebook groups asking about specific agents that may be of interest to you. Chances are someone will have had some experience. If you are looking for a buyer’s agent, ask a seller’s agent in the area and vice versa. You can even ask your bank mortgage loan officer if they have worked with them before and what their thoughts might be. Also, again, ask for client references. A reputable agent will not shy away from this. There is no stronger recommendation than word of mouth!


3. Current – They take Advantage of New Technology and Marketing Techniques



This may seem less important than other qualities, but in today’s market it is actually crucial. Almost every prospective home buyer now begins their search online before even contacting an agent. This means that if you are the seller, you want to make sure that your home is placed on multiple different platforms with flattering pictures, professional 360 photos and virtual home tour videos. 


Certainly never settle for an agent that will simply list your place on their personal website and the MLS. Most of the time, those platforms are only viewed by other agents in the business, not the buyers themselves. Platforms such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com are often where the process begins for most buyers, so it is important that your listing is there and stands out among the rest. 


If you are a buyer, this is still important. A Colorado Springs Realtor that is properly utilizing modern technology and online home marketing will be able to take your price point, timeline, neighborhood preferences, home preferences and more in order to hunt down listings that fit your interests and send them to you as soon as they appear. This will allow you to be one of the first buyers to the game, which in this current Colorado Springs market…that’s imperative.



4. Organized & Thorough – They Can Handle the Paperwork



Last, but not least, buying or selling a home comes with mountains of paperwork. Many people can easily just fall into the trap of signing on the highlighted lines of the hundreds of pages they will never read. This can obviously have some very negative consequences down the road. A good agent is able to explain all of these documents for you in concise and understandable ways to save you time and headache. 


And coming to the closing table without all the proper paperwork because your agent wasn’t organized enough to make sure it was there can be not only embarrassing, but potentially even lose you the deal. Don’t let this happen to you.


Looking for a Great Colorado Springs Realtor

If you are looking for trustworthy Colorado Springs real estate agents to help you navigate your move to or from Colorado Springs, give Krakofsky Team Realty a call at (719) 231-9544. We take great pride in the organization, communication and structure of each of our deals. From constant assessments as well as professional training, we are always looking to improve the outcome and experience for our clients.

Jamie Krakofsky

Jamie Krakofsky

As retired military, Jamie thoroughly enjoys helping others buy and sell their homes. He and his wife, Bianca, raised their 3 kids in Colorado and they plan to stay here, serving the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas until he truly retires (which may never happen). When not laughing with his clients and negotiating killer deals, Jamie spends all his free time with his family – hiking, camping, boating and traveling.

Jamie is a certified MRP (Military Relocation Professional) and was just recently awarded the Chairman’s Award by Re/MAX, which names his team in the top 1% of Real Estate agents in the world.

What Jamie loves most is helping his clients have a successful and truly enjoyable real estate experience.

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